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Announcements & Upcoming Events

  • SPHC Homecoming Party Video: https://photos.google.com/movie/AF1QipNZaT_862-BykNfxY6YeHYWFwlSJ3HbRAs9d91I
  • Child Care Grants: For those already receiving child care grants we will be emailing applications directly to students on both the Post-Secondary Child Care Grant and the University Student Services Fees Child Care Assistance Grant on August 24th. Those new to the grants who have not completed a screening or received assistance before, should contact the SPHC to schedule a grant screening and intake appointment: 612-626-6015.

Student Parent Help Center Community Spaces

Student Parent Help Center Lounge

Learn more about our undergraduate student parent lounge, computer lab, and community space for students on campus.

Undergraduate Child Care Assistance Grants and Other Funding

Grants & Scholarships

Look here for undergraduate based child-care assistance grants, scholarships, and emergency assistance funding.

Graduate/Pro Child Care Assistance and Other Services

Graduate Student Services

Look here for information regarding child care assistance funding and services for graduate and professional students.

Parents As Students (Undergraduate) Support Group

Parent As Students Support Group

The Parents As Students Support (PASS) group helps student parents connect, develop support networks, and build community.

Family Friendly Events & Activities

Events & Activities

The Student Parent Help Center organizes family friendly events and activities for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Teen Parent Outreach Program

Mom doing preschool drop off stock photo

We offer teen parent presentations at local high schools, alternative programs, and community organizations.