The Adopt a Family program is in full swing; this program is for UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT PARENTS ONLY, as we are not large enough to support any outside families. Adopt A Family applications were due Friday, October 31st at 4 pm, but are still being considered on a case-by-case basis. If you haven't received an application and are interested in the program, please contact an SPHC staff member ASAP.

The Student Parent HELP (Higher Education for Low-Income People) Center offers programs and services that are designed to promote access, retention, and academic success for University of Minnesota undergraduate students who have children. The HELP Center offers various academic and family support services and programming to student parents registered in any undergraduate college on the Twin Cities campus. All HELP Center administered grants and funded programs are restricted to undergraduate, first B.A., students meeting basic income and other eligibility criteria.

Are you an undergraduate student who is parenting or pregnant? Call us at 612-626-6015 to set up an intake!

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Interested in supporting our Student Emergency Assistance Fund and our Adopt A Family Program?




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